Why I Hate Reviews

Published on 17 February 2023 at 07:46

Have you ever watched a movie that had raving reviews, and yet you walked away disappointed? Or read a book that received a one star review, yet you took a chance on it anyway because it sounded interesting, and you got to the end and thought it was the best book ever? I have, and quite often. Now mind you, when it comes to products, I always check the reviews. I don't want to buy something that is poorly made, falls apart before I get it opened, or comes with missing pieces. But I refuse to read a review of a book or a movie. There is where the subjectivity lies. I want to make my own judgement. To each his own. 

I read Amy Cross. She is my absolute favorite author. She gets one star reviews quite often. Maybe one book out of the two hundred I have read I would have given less than four stars. Her books appeal to me. I love ghosts, the afterlife; things that can not in a million years happen; so we think. I know people that cannot stand to read anything that seems impossible. I get so frustrated when I watch a movie with someone who starts spouting off, "that is so fake, that could never happen, pick up the knife and just kill him, don't run away." I personally don't want it to be so true to real life. I am there to be entertained! I could walk alone down a dark back alley of New York or Chicago if I want real life fear. 

My point is that I will continue to write and not be swayed by a poor review here or there, or a critic that tears my work apart. If Amy Cross, the writers of all writers, (well, right there behind Stephen King, who is the God of all writers) can live with one star reviews from time to time, so can I.

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